The Voice

via makemesmile

via makemesmile


Are you listening to the voice inside of you?  The one deep down inside, beyond the voice your family, friends, and society has created; the voice that is truly and uniquely you?  How do you know which voice your listening to?
If you are unhappy with your life, going through the motions, and at times feel just too tired to go on; then your inner self is probably not being heard.  Instead it’s being squelched by the people around you (past and present) who are telling you who they think you are (a la the Breakfast Club, so-to-speak).
Sometimes we can feel perfectly content living a life with choices inadvertently made by those around us.  But sometimes we can’t.  And when you wake up one morning feeling like the wind has been knocked out of you, every breath is harder and harder to inhale; when you wake up and you feel like you’re too out of breath to go on, that’s your body telling you it’s time for a change.  It’s time to breathe again.  Listen to your inner voice.  It’s telling you to be who you are.  Live the life you want.
Now, I don’t know what you want out of life, but what I do know is what my inner voice told me.  It told me that in order to live fully it had to be lived in a healthy way.  Living healthy, for me, led to living compassionately.  And, while we may have different goals, I do know that the best way to put your best foot forward is to make sure you’re putting a healthy foot forward.  When we love ourselves enough to take care of our bodies, then we’re making that quiet, shy little voice inside us feel safe and loved enough to speak up and say who it REALLY is and why it’s REALLY hear.  Listen.


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