This is ESPECIALLY important when trying to get into shape.  You’re body is going to fight it because its in pain, but as the old saying goes, “No pain, no gain.”
The number one thing I tell people is to drink lots of water and eat dark, leafy greens.  And the number one thing I hear unhealthy people say is that water makes their stomach hurt or eating healthy makes their bodies feel bad.  This is because when you’re used to eating toxic foods, and then you start giving it healthy foods, the effect of these healthy foods is called DETOXING.  Detoxing isn’t just for addicts (although I would say junk food is an addiction) and juicing, detoxing is a process that involves getting all the toxins (junk food) out of your body.  And it is uncomfortable.  Of course, the more and more we put healthy foods into our bodies, the less detoxing we will have to do, the better our bodies will feel.
Of course when you’re working out you’re always pushing your body, so you’ll always feel some sort of discomfort.  But that’s what we call a good hurt.
Now, guzzle some water and hit the gym!


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