Five Tips to Ease Your Way in to a New Workout

The month is almost over, how is your new healthy lifestyle treating you?

Mighty Megan

Dr. Reza Ghorbani offers ways to make your workout less painful in the new year.

By Megan Russell

It’s the new year and wherever you go, everyone is telling you to be a “new you.” This inevitably boils down to working out more. While a new workout can bring about thoughts of excitement and anticipation for the beautiful new you that everyone so desperately wants, what it also means is…working out. Put the word “new” in front of it and you’ve just written your body’s one-way ticket to feeling like death. No pain, no gain, right? Maybe not.

Dr. Reza Ghorbani

Dr. Reza Ghorbani, the president and medical director of the Advanced Pain Medicine Institute in Washington, D.C., has come up with a list of tips to help ease the pain and keep your new workout on track.

Five Tips to Ease Your Way in to a New Workout.

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