Creamy BBQ Smoked Tempeh Wrap

Super Simple Creamy BBQ Smoked Tempeh Wrap

Whole Wheat Tortillas
Hummus (I think I used original and roasted red pepper here)
Annie’s Original Recipe BBQ Sauce 
Veganaise (I used the fat free version, though the grape seed is my favorite)
Tempeh (Maple Bacon or Fakin Bacon might give it more flavor than a regular 3 or 5 grain Tempeh.  I think here I used Tofurkey’s Maple Bacon Tempeh)
Other Veggies

This is a great wrap for when you have a few random bits of veggies around.  Just make the tempeh per package instructions then add the ingredients onto the tortilla and wrap.  I just used spinach but you can pretty much add any veggie and it will still be great.  Heat and enjoy or refrigerate to enjoy cold.  



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