Field Roast Breakfast Sausage

Let me begin by saying just how much Jake loves Field Roast.  It’s definitely hearty, “meaty”, and manly!  I, however, don’t love the brand. Don’t get me wrong, I do like it, but I’m just not a fan of the fake meat products.  I usually find them way too salty and I feel that different products from the same brand always taste the same.  As in, all Tofurkey deli slices have pretty much the same flavor.

Enter, FR Breakfast Sausages.  I had heard the buzz around some of my favorite blogs, and was excited to see my new-old Whole Foods carried them.  Not because I thought I would like them, but because I knew Jake would.  So I picked them up with the intention to add them to our breakfast burritos.

Fast forward to Saturday morning AND… I forgot all about them.  Our burritos were amazing, though!

I did throw them in the pan and make them up (quickly, I’ll add) as we were on the way out the door later that morning.  I remember them in the fridge and thought it’d be a good snack on the go as we headed out.  Turns out, it was.


I’m impressed with these little guys.  They’re not too salty at all.  The texture is perfect, exactly what you’d expect from Field Roast, and the taste was actually quite nice and subtle.  If you see these on the shelf, I definitely recommend picking them up!



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