Texas Veg Fest

This past weekend was Texas Veg Fest, a festival that’s been put on for the past three years (I believe) celebrating everything veggie, particularly in Texas, though companies seem to come from all over to give us free samples and sell us t-shirts.

The first year we went it was a pretty good size, last year we had to miss due to a friend’s wedding, but this year seemed bigger and better than I remember. I felt like there was more food and everyone was throwing sugar at me so I was pretty pleased.

Here are some of the highlights from this year’s fest:

 Teese/Chicago Vegan Foods/ Dandies20140405_175326
I was pretty excited about this and they did not let me down.  I’ve known about Teese for years  now, but haven’t ever tried it.


We made a pizza with it and were pleasantly surprised at the way it bubbled and browned like real cheese.  The texture was good, too, as it was a little gooier underneath.  The taste was the best part.  Some vegan cheese can be too sweet and some can have a metallic taste, but this had neither.  It was simple and understated.  A friend of ours used to work at Hoek’s.  Teese offered him a couple cheeses to try and convince the owner to start selling vegan pizza.  Fingers crossed!

BBQ Revolution
I have yet to try this place, and didn’t get a chance at Veg Fest because the line was never-ending.  It looks like they sold out pretty early too.

20140405_125032  Sweet RitualThis little guy is my new bff.  He’s filled with Salted Caramel  Sauce from Sweet Ritual and he’s oh-so-good.

 For real, try their vegan nacho cheese chips.


Bee Free Honee 20140405_123239
I was really impressed with this stuff.  It’s made from apples, but the texture and taste are pretty authentic to what I remember honey tasting like.  It made me long for the days of McDonald’s chicken nuggets… Even better than that, of course, is Gardein Crispy Tenders dipped in Honee!


Happy Vegan Baker– Mac & Chz
Jake tried this for the first time, I’ve only ever had it cold.  I have to say it’s better warm and very yummy.

On a side note, I was at Monkey Nest last night and they sell various baked goods from Happy Vegan. The guy behind the counter told me their chocolate chip cookies weren’t vegan because the ingredients had the chocolate chips labeled as “chocolate chips” rather than “vegan chocolate chips.”  I tried to argue with him that I didn’t think a place called Happy Vegan would sell anything other than vegan things.  He told me I was wrong.  Is this true?  Do they sell both vegan and non-vegan products?  I’d really like to know.  I ended up getting their oatmeal cream sandwhichy thing instead, but the whole experience left me a little confused.  (I also got to try some Celeste’s Best Carrot cake.  It was amazing).

20140405_175356  Dillo aka VeganTwinkie
 This is a Naked Dillo brought to you buy the Cakewalk Baking Company.


These yummy guys are available at Rabbit Food Grocery.  I haven’t been20140405_203023   by a pop-up shop of theirs in a while and boy am I  missing out.  Poptarts, chocolate-covered  caramel BARS (think big bars), chocolate-marshamallow bars and a slew of other foods sweet, savory and sometimes even healthy!

 Helen’s Kitchen
I see this all the time at HEB and never pick it up.  I tried a quick sample while I was there. Loved it!  They’re meat-like product is made from soy flour so it really absorbs the flavor and you don’t get the aftertaste that sometimes come with seitan products.

20140405_120048 The Ground Up Vegan Compost
 What’s hiding in your compost?  Harsh chemicals  and animal by products like eggshells probably.  The only thing that’s really been keeping me from creating a compost is  that it gets real smelly real fast.  If you have a remedy for this that actually  works please let me know.  Otherwise I’ll keep using this little treasure I  stumbled upon.

You can pick up their Vegan Compost at Central Market, Breed & Co, Countryside Nursery & Landscape, and East Austin Succulents.

Unity Vegan Kitchen
I still have yet to check these guys out as well, we’re not big trailer people and we don’t got out to eat much. But the lovely lady we talked to said this Thursday is Austin Vegan Riot at their’s and BBQ Revolution’s trailer.  Seems like a good time to check it out.

Petit Vour Box 20140405_115632
I am a terrible online shopper.  I’ll often see Vegan Cuts or one of those other companies that sends you boxes of goodies and star the email to go back and buy when I’m supposed to be checking my email and not screwing around online.  So when Jake and I saw Petit Vour he made me sign up so I wouldn’t have to go back and try to remember that thing I was supposed to do when I got home later.

I won’t get my first box until mid-May and I’m sure I’ll forget about it by then, so this will be a nice surprise.  The boxes are filled with different high-end, hard to find, cruelty-free makeup and skin care products and are delivered to your home once a month.  They’re also really affordable, starting at $15/ a month.

Compassion Co
Jake got this shirt Compassion Co.

20140405_120811 Capital City Bakery
 It’s no secret I love this place. After I had dessert first I went back to try a  Ham and Cheese Kolache, but the line was too long for me to wait, and  I’m not sure my tummy could take much more food.  This was their  S’mores Cupcake.


Vegans Rock Austin
I stopped by the Vegans Rock Austin table and talked to some of the members.  I’ve always wanted to do something with this group, but haven’t had a chance.  If you don’t know, they have a pretty active forum, an events calendar for things going on around Austin and a pretty extensive and, I believe, up to date list of veggie-friendly restaurants in town.





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