My Favorite Easter Recipes

I love spring, especially in Austin, the weather is insanely gorgeous.  Unfortunately I recently decided to give my foot a good ol’ fashioned stress fracture and haven’t been unable to really enjoy the outdoors being confined to as much rest as as possible.

So, in the spirit of celebrating as much spring as I can via the internet I’ve longingly been combing through Runner’s World and various forums and pining over Easter recipes I wish someone would make for me to help me “get well soon.”  Do I have your pity yet?  No?  Oh well, enjoy these for me anyway!

Oh She Glows Spring Chick Cupcakes

spring chick

Raw Raspberry Cream Eggs by Fragrant Vanilla Cake

Raspberry Cream Eggs 2

  Keepin’ It Kind’s Carrot Cake Waffles 


 Roasted Cumin-Lime Carrots from

Photo by Karen Tedesco

 Green Tea Cupcakes from


Ginger and White Peach Bellinis from Veg News




2 thoughts on “My Favorite Easter Recipes

  1. Everything you’ve posted looks utterly delicious. Don’t you have someone who can whip something up for you? Sorry you’re laid up, I know what that can be like, having cracked a few ribs back in December from coughing so hard with a virus. Hope someone takes pity on you and at least finds it in their heart to mix up a bellini!

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