What is Victoria’s Secret keeping from you?

sosexyWe’ll, for starters, they’re no longer cruelty-free.

I used to be a big fan of some of their shampoos and conditioners mainly because it’s nice to get a whiff of yourself smelling sexy every once in a while, rather than the lavender or patchouli or other “natural” “scent” (because who can really smell them anyway) from certain natural brands.  So when I heard this news about VS I was pretty bummed.

They have joined the ranks of Colgate as testing on animals in “rare cases when required by government regulations.”  You may remember that Colgate fell on the vegan radar back in 2011 when PETA added a third category go their Do/Don’t Test list of companies called “Working Toward Change”.  I checked back with PETA last week to find that Colgate is still the only company to be on that list.  What does that mean?  That Colgate only tests on animals when required to by the government.

What’s different about Colgate is they never made the move from not testing on animals to testing on animals the wayveganandcrueltyfree Victoria’s Secret just has.  Instead they made the move from testing on animals to only testing when required by law.  So while they took a small step forward, Victoria’s Secret has just taken a giant step back.

The most frustrating thing about this change is how many people had access to their products.  In a small town your local grocery store might not have cruelty-free bath and beauty products, but if you had a Victoria’s Secret you had the mall as an option to find what you’d need.  Now that’s no longer a choice and living a vegan-friendly lifestyle just became a little more difficult for a small town girl.


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