IMG_20140328_123808 (1)In college, like everyone else, I went through a bit of a Hot Pockets obsession.  It was my freshman year, around Thanksgiving, and I was living in the dorms when I first tried those little pouches of meat and cheese.  Pepperoni was my favorite and, while I don’t recall the obsession getting too out of hand, I did opt for that dinner of choice on a date once instead of a nice restaurant (or more accurately it probably would have been a  Buffalo Wild Wings).  We even made out after, which couldn’t have been very tasty…

Now, more aware of personal hygiene and courtesy when it comes to making out after dinner (mouthwash), I can safely tries these little guys again in a cruelty-free (on more levels than one) way!

Being a huge fan of anything broccoli and cheese, more so than pepperoni, growing up I went for the TURK’Y BROCCOLI AND CHEDDAR.  Let me just say that my first experience with Tofurky Pockets was fantastic.  They were filled with lots of ooey-gooey cheese and tofurkey so I was very pleased.

Unfortunately, three other tries and two boxes later, and I haven’t been able to replicate that first vegan-friendly hot pocket.  The others have been rather dry, mostly bread and some tofurky, with very little cheese.

If Tofurky could come up with a more uniform way of making these, or perhaps they did and my first one was just a fluke- so let’s just say a more cheesy way of making these; I’d be 100% on board.



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