620: A Budding Vegan Hotspot?

Probably not, but there is potential.

If you make it north on 620 one of these Saturday mornings you’ll find a little farmer’s market in the parking lot of Lakeline Mall known as the Cedar Park Farmer’s Market.  It’s expanded in the years since I’ve driven past, so I decided to swing by one morning and see what they had to offer.

Being that it was in the Cedar Park/Northwest Austin/183 vicinity I wasn’t expecting much if only because the area is a fast food go-to and home to places like Longhorn Steakhouse, Pluckers and Texicana (I’m not even sure if I have those names right).  I did see plenty of stands selling their home-slaughtered beef and more than a handful of little bakery’s, all of which offered nothing vegan; but there were a good number of veggie farms with lots of veggies to which I vigorously helped myself.

The kicker, though, and the reason I’ll be going back is the two stands that offered vegan-specific options and are located right on 620.

nwgNew World Gelato
This place is great!  They have vegan gelato, or sorbetto, which is like gelato but it’s made with fruit instead of milk.  The image is their latest flavor, Blood Orange.  I actually bought the Chocolate Sorbetto.  The container lists “chocolate” as an ingredient, but they get that chocolate from No Cow, No How— a company I hadn’t heard of until visiting this booth. It may be my new favorite cold chocolate dessert.

They offer a variety of sizes as well, from a small cup (which is about the perfect serving) to a pint.  I tried buying half a pint, but they were out so the guy working- the owner, I believe and I really wish I could remember his name, gave me two of the smaller cups and generously put it on ice so it wouldn’t melt.  He was really nice, enthusiastic and informative- something I felt a few of the other booths were missing.

I thought the two cups would be the perfect size, one for myself and one for Jake.  I got home and couldn’t wait to dive in and try it.  I do this often when I buy new foods, particularly sugary foods.  I thought, I’ll just take a small bite then put it away and make a green juice.  And I did!  But cleaning the vegetables for the juice seemed to take forever, so I had to sneak another really little bite.  No big deal.

After what seemed like hours, but was probably about ten minutes, my juice was ready.  I usually pop it in the fridge blood orange sorbettowhile I clean the juicer which is always the most annoying task.  Why can’t the companies that make juicers just offer a more expensive, fully dishwasher-friendly juicer?  I’d gladly pay for it.

Not to scare anyone away from juicing, it’s not really that hard and only takes about five minutes.  But I had chocolate sorbeto beckoning  me in the freezer!  Okay, one more bite and then I’ll clean this damn thing.

I sat outside to read a book, enjoying the gorgeous weather and my juice.  But that’s the thing about juices.  They’re so amazing they only last a few glorious minutes and then they’re gone.

What was I to do?  I still had hours before Jake would be home and I could share my new discovery, but I really needed that sorbetto in a now kind of way.

So I finished the little container, after all Jake would surely share a bite of his with me if I felt the need later.

But then a couple hours passed, my weekend writing was done and I needed a snack.  Maybe I’ll go for an apple or pear?  Yeah, that sounds good. Unfortunately I keep my fruit near my fridge and I could just hear that other cup of sorbetto calling to me.

Needless to say, Jake didn’t get to try any that day.

Trailer1.239172102_stdCupCaking Desire
I was about to leave the farmer’s market when I noticed a small table with the cutest cupcakes.  Hoping to find another vegan-friendly, sugar-friendly vendor I decided to check it out.

You may have seen this trailer off 620, just south of Anderson MIll.  I’ve driven by several times and always wondered if they had a vegan-option.  Turns out, they do!

Although, for whatever reason, the trailer refrains from using the term vegan, opting for “milk-free”.  I talked to the owners husband and he assured me, his wife having many allergies and being gluten free, the kitchen is very clean and all the ingredients are kept separate so there’s no cross-over.

While “milk-free” may exclude eggs or honey, I did check the ingredients just to make sure.

Having just bought my sorbetto and trying to have a less processed sugar filled weekend I passed on buying a cupcake, but I’ll definitely go back to check it out soon!






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