Refreshing Spring-Inspired Drinks

It’s getting warm out.  Just prior to writing this I read the high today will be almost 90… it’s not even May.  I LOVE Texas for this reason alone.  Now that the weather is getting officially hot, it’s time to cool down with some drinks that are sure to make you feel fresh and alive!

The Drunken Vegan’s Thai-jito

hoto Credit: Patrick Hurley
I had never heard of the Drunken Vegan until today, and I’m so glad I’ve discovered him!  The article that accompanies the recipe is really great as well!

Skinny Pina Colada via


Coconut Water Champagne Fruit Punch from Averie Cooks


White Strawberry Lemon Sangria via Kitchen Treaty


Bobby Flay’s Watermelon Plata Tequila Cocktail



4 thoughts on “Refreshing Spring-Inspired Drinks

  1. Almost 90?! Send a few of those degrees my way if you don’t want all of them! It’s still borderline chilly in my neck of the woods. Regardless, a refreshing beverage is always a welcome offering, and I would be just as happy to sip any of these options in any weather.

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