Hair Care

Sometimes it’s hard being vegan, especially when you don’t have any specialty stores around that offer cruelty-free products.  It’s particularly difficult for those of us who not only want to be healthy, but who also want to look good and smell good while doing it.

Now I know unscented or natural scented is all the rage right now, being that some scents may come from toxic places.  But darn it, sometimes a girl just doesn’t want to smell like a stick of incense after a nice, refreshing shower!

So I’ve compiled a little list of some of my favorite cruelty-free products you can probably find at your local grocery store.

L’Oreal Ever Pure

LOreal-EverSleek-Products-Get-2.00-offWhile L’Oreal isn’t vegan, their Ever Pure line specifically says “100% Vegan” on the back of the bottle. I feel like this is one of those instances in which you should applaud a company for trying.  Especially because they make living a cruelty-free life so much easier and more appealing to people in small towns and middle America who would otherwise not have the option.

Paul Mitchell

The Paul Mitchell website also states “almost all of our products are vegan.”  Only a handful of products are not due to beeswax or keratin treatment. And no P.M. product is test on animals.

photo-12Photo Credit: Vegan Beauty Review



LUSH offers henna-based hair dyes available at Macy’s or, if you’re lucky, you’re local LUSH shop.


2 thoughts on “Hair Care

  1. Great compilation! I didn’t know that about Paul Mitchell. Very good to know. I guess it is a good thing to look at the bright side and say that they are trying (L’Oreal). I wasn’t thinking of it that way when I learned that Organix shampoo is owned by Vogue (although it’s right there on the back, I guess I wasn’t reading it too in depth!) and that Vogue tests their other products on animals. Anyway, I’ll be trying the PM hair care line now 🙂

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