IMG_20140414_204510Recently I posted a recipe for the Apple Cobbler I made in lieu of the chocolate chip cookies I wanted to make. And while the cobbler was delicious,  the very next day I went out and bought cookie dough anyway.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I “can” bake, but I just don’t like to bake.  Sure, I have a really amazing recipe for chocolate chip cookies, but that involves me actually doing something to make the cookies.  With Eat Pastry I just have to put a few spoonfuls of cookie on a baking sheet and wait a few minutes.  And by “wait a few minutes” I mean eat the other half of the container with the spoon.

The cookie dough itself might be my favorite part.  The light, creamy texture mixes perfectly with the melty crunch of the chocolate chips.

Eat Pastry makes some of my favorite cookie dough and not only do they offer chocolate chip, but peanut butter chocolate chip and gluten-free options as well.

The image was taken from my Instagram.  This is my not so casual way of me mentioning you should follow me: @mwr829.  I also just set up a Twitter account you can check out while you’re at it: @VeryVeggieBlog.  I feel so now… if this were 2009.




  1. I can see taking this short-cut if you’re not keen on baking, but for me the fun is in the science and the mixing it all up to produce some wonderful and edible. It’s miraculous, really.

    • Lol, I know! I can’t look at this post anymore because of the picture. The day I posted it I went out and bought more cookie dough. I told myself I’d make them for Mother’s Day, but ate half the container before I made it to Sunday. C’est la vie.

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