REVIEW: May Petit Voir Beauty Box

IMG_20140516_172416Back in March, I believe, I signed up to receive the Petit Vour Beauty Box at Texas VegFest.  They told me I would be getting my first box in mid-May.  In typical Me-fashion I knew I would forget about it and I was looking forward to my surprise when it finally came.

Well, that day finally came.  When I opened up my mail and saw a big, pink box inside I gasped loudly in delight and contemplated opening the package before I even made it inside.

What’s inside?

AROMI Lippie
I only recently started wearing anything on my lips, mainly because I never really got it.  Lipsticks always ran and, when I was younger, I thought lip liner was dated and too old for me.  Lip glosses always clumped in places and never stayed on.

Well, I don’t know if lip gloss technology has advanced, or this is just higher quality (the Petit Vour flyer describing it as “handcrafted from scratch and formulated with only the finest raw materials”), but I absolutely loved my Aromi Lippie.  The box came with a full tube of bright red lip color (a shade of which I’ve always been afraid) that actually looked really great on me.  I’ve worn it everyday, and gotten so many compliments.  It definitely makes me feel pretty. 🙂

Deep Steep Hand Cream
File this one under Best Value of the box.  The Petit Vour site has it listed at only $10.  I was given Grapefruit-Bergamot.  When I first put it on I noticed it had a sweet, Fruit-Loop-esque scent to it, that quickly subsided into a summery, citrus aroma.  The lotion itself is the perfect consistency that’s not too thick or sticky, but instead light and hydrating.  Petit Vour calls it “the perfect elixir for thirsty skin” and I couldn’t agree more.

Harvey Prince Hello FragranceIMG_20140528_123602
Hello has a sweet fruit-floral scent that has a youthful flirty vibe to it.  I get the feeling this perky scent says hello with a little wink.

Paula’s Choice Resist C15 Super Booster
About three years ago I stopped by an Estee Lauder counter looking for a solution to a dry skin problem I was having. I bought some terrible no-water face wash that I only used twice (it’s still sitting in my bathroom closet).  While I was there the woman told 26 year-old me that 26 was the age “everyone” recommends to start an anti-aging treatment.  I was pretty offended, partly because I’m not against aging and the anti-aging mindset seemed so unnatural; but mainly I was offended because it was the first time in my life someone didn’t assume I was much younger than I actually was.  I’m short, petite and have a young face.  People (used to) assume I was anywhere from 16-21 and she didn’t. When I turned 28 the whole “aging” thing hit me hard.  I started noticing crows feet and winkles that just weren’t there before.

Now being anti-anti-aging doesn’t come so easily and I try desperately to be okay with it (not wincing every time I’m not carded or when some 22 year old calls me ma’am instead of checking me out).

I had originally intended to give the C15 Super Booster to Jake’s mom to try, but thought I’d give it a shot just and see if I really noticed a difference.  After all, while the packaging mentioned brown spots it also mentioned making skin smoother, brighter and tighter; all things my skin could use.

I used it around my eyes (not something I’m sure if they recommend being that many products warn against contact with eyes), they just seemed so baggy in the morning.  I also used it around my neck and chin.  After about a month I can honestly say I noticed a difference in the skin around my eyes, it actually does look brighter and tighter.  Paula’s Choice is absolutely a brand I will consider for other products as well.

And that’s the beauty of beauty boxes.  You get to test out products you may have never even heard of before and find new favorites.  So glad it’s already June, my next box should be arriving soon!


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