Kebabalicious Hummus and Pita

IMG_20140504_102003It’s no secret that I don’t go downtown much.  The crowds, the noise, the smells… (the bathrooms) are all more than my senses can handle.

When I do go out its usually with Jake, because his band is playing a show.  Being in a hardcore band (they’re called DSGNS, look them up) they play a lot on “dirty 6th” or Red River. Unfortunately for me, that’s not where all the vegan food trailers are located.  Although, to be honest, no vegan trailers are really in the “downtown” area much anymore. They all seem to have been pushed out by big developers and, what I assume, are high rents.

But there are a few vegan-friendly trailers around and one my new favorites is Kebabalicious.

I went to college in Lawrence, KS which has what is arguably the coolest downtown for a college city: Mass. (short for Massachusetts Street). During the day Mass is where the best shopping and restaurants are and at night its where all the best bars are.  Around my sophomore year a Pita Pit opened up right next to Urban Outfitters and across from this then vegetarian’s place of business, Buffalo Wild Wings.  I had never heard of a Pita Pit before, but quickly discovered it was amazing!  And everyone else discovered it too.

They were pretty genius about how they went about things.  Opening up on Mass right next to all the bars, and staying open until 3am.  No longer did all the drunk college kids have to drive out to IHop, Perkins or Taco Bell to sober up and curb their late night cravings.  They just had to walk a few blocks and stand in a never ending line for an hour, which no one seemed to mind.  It was, after all, very worth it.

I used to get a hummus pita with feta cheese, mayo, pickles, olives and very few other veggies; but when I became vegan that just wasn’t going to work.  So I sadly avoided my favorite fast food place until one fateful day when I decided to give it a try again and the cute boy behind the counter (yes, I dated two guys who worked there) suggested I opt for pita with hummus dip.

My world changed.  I know with all you foodies out there making deliciously seasoned feasts at the blink of an eye someone is bound to be thinking, really?  Pita cut into triangles and served with a side of hummus to dip it in changed your world?  But it did.  I never really ate hummus and at the time I didn’t even realize it could easily be made at home. And late night out + 2 am doesn’t really go well with preparing food, even the easy stuff.

Fast forward four years and one big move later and I found myself lost in Austin’s night life.  Especially when I was hungry.  Sure, when I first moved here Austin had food trailers, but they weren’t as common place as they are now.  I also had no idea about this mythical “east side” where all the vegan treasures were hiding.  During my first patronage at a bar on West 6th some very drunk, sad, lonely woman cautioned me to never go to eastside.  It was a place of doom and despair where savage beasts raped unsuspecting women. Of course now east Austin is the new hot spot with condos being built on every street corner and gentrification running amok, but at the time I didn’t know that.

I worked as a shot girl (for two whole days) and was in desperate need of some sustenance to survive those long (four hours) nights.  When I finally found the Pita Pit on Congress and 7th even existed it was about to shutdown, and regardless of that I think they closed at 9 or 10, way too early. For some crazy reason Austinites did not appreciate this amazing food that was hiding in plain site.  Sure, I’ve come to find there’s still one on Guadeloupe (I think), but who wants to go near UT if they don’t have to? Certainly not me.

And that takes me to the point of my post.  A few weeks ago Jake’s band had the pleasure of opening for The Dillinger Escape Plan (it’s all hardcore, I was lost too).  Because they were opening at 8 we got there at 7, it made sense at the time.  I’ll spare you the details of the terrible system Mohawk has for guests…Anyway, by 9 Jake’s band had played and a few of us were hungry.  I figured I’d just be the annoying customer who orders martinis all night, so I could eat the olives, but our newly vegan friend James directed us to Kababalicious on 7th.

My world changed. Again.  They had a few veggie options, including falafel, but I wasn’t really 1. sure about the food and 2. all that hungry.  The other girls were, but let’s be honest a hardcore show is basically just sound waves that vibrate through your body.  I was feeling a little dizzy and sick.  Noticing my hesitation at ordering the girl inside the trailer asked if I just wanted Pita and Hummus.

It was like she saw through my soul and into my past.  Yes.  Yes!  That’s exactly what I wanted.  And that’s exactly what I got.  And it was wonderful.

If you’re ever downtown and are looking for a good snack, check this place out.  It has veggie pitas, falafel pitas, fries and the plain ol’ hummus and pita.  You’ll love it!


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