IMG_20140703_183331After I finally got my June box, I finally got around to checking it out. I like to give myself at least two weeks to use a product before I decide how I really feel about it.  Unless it’s one I know I love or hate right off the bat.  I found one of each this month.  I would say I like about 70% of this box, but I’m not sure my disappointment comes from the contents or the fact that I didn’t get it until two days before July.

The Products

UltraShine Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner.
The Claim: For hair that’s strong, silky and smooth, this color-safe, nutrient-infused hair duo cares for your hair by balancing its pH level. Actives like seaweed extract, mango, and apricot deliver crucial nutrients to thirsty strands, while amino and fatty acids restore hair from the inside out and provide rejuvenative benefits.

Does it live up to its hype?  YES! This product I loved right away.  It feels light and almost as though you’re not using enough when you first attempt to lather up, but that’s how you know it’s the good stuff.  The shampoo is sulfate-free which means your lather will be sans the… lather, so don’t waste a lot of shampoo trying to get soapy-suds that draw oil from your hair and dry it out!  The bottle also mentions you only need a small amount of conditioner, as it’s ultra concentrated.  Again, a very little goes a long way and you will notice once your hair is dry and ready for styling.

The Verdict: EVOLVh left my hair super soft and did so without making it oily, which I’ve noticed a lot of “natural” shampoos and conditioners will do.  I will absolutely buy this again.

No. 1 Aknari

They Claim: Prickly Pear Seed Oil and Argan oil combine to transform the appearance of your skin, while soothing Rose Oil lightly scents your sweetest dreams.

Does it live up to its hype?  Honestly, I’m not sure.  It came in a very tiny vile and while it’s been about two weeks and I haven’t finished it, I’m not sure that’s enough time for me to notice results.  My skin looks the same.  I’ve been applying it at night, though, and have noticed my skin seems extra dull lately but that is probably not due to MUN.  Also, I believe MUN is pronounced moon, seeing as there’s a picture of a moon on the packaging.  I could be wrong.

The Verdict: While the oils make my skin appear more… oily, I don’t see this product being much use to me.

5 Free Luxury Nail Lacquer

The Claim: Pair your next ensemble with this dreamy, summery shade and enjoy a little California love on your fingertips.

Does it live up to the hype?  Let me start by saying the hype around this was huge.  As I got my beauty box late I was able to read the reviews and see the Instagram photos of this product up to two weeks before I even tried it.  Everything I read was positive and all the pictures with bright, vibrant nails were beautiful.  Plus, being a nail polish connoisseur since middle school, I was very excited to try it.

Unfortunately it fell short of the expectations the minute I opened my Beauty Box.  I can’t recall the name of the color off the top of my head, but I tried so hard not to be bothered by it.  I knew the icy blue would make me look like I had the hands of a dead person once it was paired next to my pale skin.  But that’s not the fault of the polish itself, just poor choice of color to give to someone when trying to promote your products.  I would think I company would want to go for bright colors that popped rather than a dull, weird one meant for a zombie bride on Halloween.

The color aside the nail polish itself was absolutely terrible to say the least.  It was thin, watery, and streaky and took me three coats to get it to the color in the picture.   I shouldn’t need more than one streak-free coat, two if I want to make the color richer.  Three is too much and a waste of a very tiny bottle.

1405626092277I usually paint my nails before a shower, in case I get any on my skin.  When I wear quality nail polish I don’t have a problem with this.  I waited over an hour from my last coat to my shower to make sure the paint was all dry and to find out what how the BMS boys were going to pass their drug tests on Blue Mountain State.

Both photos were taken after my shower.  In the top one the polish gooped up around the edges of my nails.  In the second, because I had to use so many coats of paint, the polish didn’t dry properly and got all messed up from washing my hair.

The Verdict: For $16 nail polish I expected a lot more.  I would consider buying it again if I had a darker color, one I wouldn’t need three coats for, but that’s not on my to-do list and I won’t go out of my way to track more polish down to find it.

Rosehip Balancing Cleanser with Seabuckthorn

The Claim: Specially harvested Rosehip oil facilitates hydration absorption and maximizes delivery of nutrients to your skin. Nourishing Seabuckthorn is added for its strong vitamin composition and its restorative properties.

Does it live up to the hype?  I was pretty impressed after I tried this cleanser.  In the beginning I was mildly annoyed that the vacant packaging gave me no clues of what it was and that, when I finally figured it out, I had to look up how to use it (no instructions came with it).  Through a normal person’s powers of deduction cleanser = wash face, rinse with water.  But I’ve used so many different types of face wash in my day I had no idea if it was a cleanser I rinsed or didn’t.  It is, by the way, a cleanser to be rinsed.

Living in Austin I’ve developed a lot of allergies and those, coupled with my slight Rosacea, have left my nose in a pretty constant state of red.

Now, I’ve never heard of Seabuckthorn before and am too crunched on time to look it up and share it, but I have to say whatever its “restorative properties” are actually work.  After using it I realized my face looked different.  Upon closer inspection I realized my nose was less beet red and only a little pink.

The Verdict: TAY has slowly, but surely, been helping balance out my entire complexion.  I will definitely keep using it.

On a side note, I got an email from Petit Vour saying my July Beauty Box has shipped.  Let’s hope it gets here before August!


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