Feline Friday


Coda was real chilly that day.

I love cats.  Ever since I was a little girl and got my first cat, a Siamese that I creatively named Kitty and later Mama Kitty after she had her first litter.  She was a wonderful cat, very protective of me, and would occasionally bring me presents of dead rats and bunnies while I slept.  I like to think it’s because she loved me, though maybe she thought my mom wasn’t doing a good job of keeping me well fed; I was a very skinny child.

Our heartbreaking departure came about five years after we adopted her.  My grandmother was moving in with us and hated cats (I’ll save that disgusting story for another day), so we gave her to our neighbor when we moved into a bigger house.  We went back to visit once, although 17 years later I still drive down that street looking for her when I go back to my hometown.  On that visit we found out a new family with two kids had moved into our old house.  The neighbor we gave Mama Kitty to said she had to give the cat to the new family because she wouldn’t leave the front porch.  She just sat outside the front door crying and crying.  Even now that’s so hard to think about.  When I was growing up she really was my best friend and I think I always held a grudge against my grandmother for not being able to bring her to my new home.

I’m sure Mama Kitty is long gone by now, but I hope she understood how much I loved her and how hard it was for me to leave her.

veda weights

Veda was exhausted after her hard workout.

Fast forward 12 years to when I first met Jake. He had an orange rag doll mix named Coda (like the music symbol).  A few years after we started dated we decided Coda needed a friend and we adopted an alley cat I named Veda (after My Girl).  They are probably the most social and affectionate cats I’ve ever met and I’m so grateful everyday for their love.   Veda wakes me up every morning and we have special petting time together just her and I.  Coda sleeps on my pillow every night and protects me from the things that go bump in the night (I can’t tell you the number of times Jake has slept through some near-death experiences where shadows and nothing were attacking us).

Needless to say I love cats and it looks like that love is only getting stronger.

Happy Feline Friday!








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