Guaranteed to Give You the Chills

Last week was really the first time all summer that I really noticed the heat. Ugh.  It’s hot outside, guys. And because its hot I’m craving something cool and, as always, sweet.

Austin really only has one dedicated ice cream shop, Sweet Ritual.  And I love it, probably the most of all vegan places in Austin.  Unfortunately for me, I live a ways away from it and getting there- especially during the week- can be a hassle.  Sure, other places around town serve vegan ice cream, or sherbet or sorbetto (I can find an amazing chocolate sorbetto from New World Gelato on the weekend at the farmer’s market) but chilly vegan treats are often out of reach.

Of course, every local grocery store around me has some form of So Delicious or Nada Moo or Coconut Bliss or Almond Dream but those get old fast.  Not to mention this whole anti-soy kick Austin seems to be on lately.  I can only find coconut ice creams, which I don’t like…as much.

So I thought I’d share some easy, end-of-summer-and-still-too-hot, homemade ice cream recipes that will help curb your cravings… or give you cravings just by looking at the picture.  Enjoy.

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream: Class and Raw by My Vegan Darling

Vegan Brownie Chocolate Ice Cream by Minimalist Baker

Raw Italian Balsamic and Strawberry Ice Cream by Nouveau Raw

Four Ingredient Vegan Fudgesicles by Honey and Figs Kitchen
chocolate popsicles 6

And since my birthday is coming up, some sort of ice cream cake seemed in order:
Play in Mud Pie by Exploits of a Vegan Wannabe



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