STG: On Your Face

For me, the worst part of getting a filling at the dentist is the numbness.  Not because I feel like my face has swelled up bigger than a basketball, but instead because I hate the feeling of my face when I touch it. Under normal circumstances I touch my face everyday and have no problem with it.  That’s because my face is touches me back and the sensors on my fingers and my face are working together.  A few months back I had to get a filling (thanks, sugar) and on the way home part of my face started to tickle.  It was a tingle, itchy feeling that I think just meant the Lidocaine was wearing off.  I went to scratch it and couldn’t feel anything except a gross, cold, rough, porous, meaty chunk of something on my face. But that wasn’t something on my face… that was my face and I couldn’t believe it. I take good care of my skin and whenever someone meets me they usually stand in awe of my flawless complexion (someone else’s words, not mine– not to brag or anything.. 😉

Not to sound vain, but my face is really important to me and I’m so grateful everyday for it.  Sure, it’s asymmetrical- a high school boyfriend once told me that he learned in his high school psychology class that people see symmetrical faces as beautiful (he then proceeded to point out how his face was perfectly symmetrical… and how mine wasn’t). My eyes may be two different shapes, I feel like one of my nostrils is bigger than the other and I (unintentionally) talk out of one side of my mouth when I think I’m being clever.  But with all it’s flaws it’s still my face, and I have to admit, it’s grown on me (insert that drum sound that signifies a joke has been made).

Because I love my face so much, I’ve really become a connoisseur of all things the keep it fresh and vibrant.  But being a connoisseur of cruelty-free can get a little expensive.  Not to mention the fact that not everyone can do it, not necessarily because of the cost, but because of the availability.  So I’ve compiled a list of my favorite cruelty-free products that protect your pours and can be found at your local grocery store.

Yes to Cucumbers
Kiss My Face

weleda pom

Burts Bees



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