We all know the best part of the season changing: NEW CLOTHES. While it doesn’t start to get cold in Austin until about November, I still get excited about sweaters, jackets and coats.

As a new mom I’m trying not to “let myself go”, so as I sit here in my sweaty gym clothes (that have not been worn to the gym: I leave it up to you to guess where the sweat is coming from), my hair in a messy bun with no makeup (only slightly mortified to let the patio furniture delivery guy see me); I fantasize about being chic in my new fall styles.  All the while knowing I have a new baby so chic might take a while.  But its always fun to window shop and gives me something quiet to do while Madeline sleeps.

One of my favorite vegan and eco-friendly clothes is Vaute Couture. Check out some of my favs from their Fall/Winter Lineup.


The Organic Crossover Sweater Dress

Sheer cozy-chic perfection.  










Belden Future

vc-coat-close-up vc-coat








The Aidan


The Cole Felt Hat                                                                                                          Bahva X Vaute Oxford Flats










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