Champagne Cocktail

Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  This is Madeline’s first Thanksgiving and her chance to meet her cousins and family from Kansas.  I’m excited to see everyone and to be hosting for the first time. While I’m the only vegan in my family, I still want to share with them some amazing recipes I’ve discovered over the years.

But my family not only likes to eat on Thanksgiving, we like to drink!  I’ve been busy compiling some options that look great… but how to choose.  😉

First up is the Champagne Cocktail 


They make fancy look easy!  Want a great vegan champagne?  Check out Duval-Leroy.  This 160 year old company announced about a year ago they were going completely vegan.

I’ll cheers to that, Madeline’s first Thanksgiving, my family and more drink recipes to come!

In the meantime…

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